We manufacture pallets of high quality and resistance

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Do you require good quality pallets with special measures? We help you!


At Apex Pallets Corp we manage, maintain, transport and supply thousands of platforms for our customers. Our pallets are of high quality and help to create, handle and transport more efficiently and sustainably the shipments of products. Platforms and services play a critical role within each stage in the supply chain.

Palette sizes

4-way pallets

2x4x48 are used for lengths, 1x4x40 are used for top and bottom boards.

48x40 x 1 4 ways

3 clean simple runners/lengths, 6-10 top boards, 5-6 bottom boards.

48x40 x 2 4 ways

5-8 Rop Runners / Stringers, individual runners with smaller runners within the 3 Stringers that reinforce the platform together, 6-10 top boards, 3 bottom boards.

2-way pallets

2x4x48 are used for spars, 1x4x40 are used for top and bottom boards

48x40 Regular 2 ways

>3 individual runners/ lengths, can have smaller runners like the 2 4Way, 3-5 lower lengths, 6-10 top boards, 3 bottom boards.

Handling technology.

Designed to meet your needs.

Apex Pallets' customization unit develops and produces innovative logistics equipment that helps optimize logistics processes, improves ergonomics, and saves time and money on a permanent basis. Contact us: Based on your initial requirements or ideas, we analyze the real situation and develop a suitable approach to finding a solution.

Prototypes and mass production.

We will find an individual solution quickly.

For product development, we use a modern construction system: structural analysis, selection and material compilation are steps that are followed smoothly and quickly one after the other. Our wide range of machinery and the high flexibility of our high-performance production unit give us the ability to make models and pilot series on time or launch a mass production.

Wide range of experience.

Deep technical knowledge.

Take advantage of our wide range of experience: An Apex Pallets customization unit solution delivers on its promise for years and years to come.

We are suppliers of wooden pallets for export to different industries







Our mission as a company is the satisfaction of our customers with the purpose of bringing their product and final delivery to the destination. Have a relationship with our customers of total satisfaction, having the certainty that our wooden pallets are of high quality.

We believe that to have a better world you need to have better leaders and entrepreneurs, it is a commitment for us to support young entrepreneurs to have a better life.

Our story

Founded in 2010 by Alex Loyola having the experience from the family link with branches in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Having obtained what is necessary to start independently and entrepreneurship was essential together with the wisdom acquired and the hard work, our workers have become family and part of achievable dreams, expectations have been very high and great latitudes have been reached. Working with corporations of high level and demand have given us a wide experience and ability to meet your demands. Apex Pallets has the work and logistics experience to continue making a difference and constantly innovating as it is part of our commitment.